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Athena the Great Horned Owl gives birth to two owlets

The babies were born early last month, according to a recent social media post.
Credit: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

AUSTIN, Texas — For more than 10 years, a Great Horned Owl has been returning to one Central Texas location to lay her eggs. 

Last week, the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin announced the birth of two owlets, recognizing their mother, Athena, who has become an integral part of the area.

"The newest arrivals to the Wildflower Center family are growing up fast!," an Instagram post stated. "These cute owlets hatched in early April and are now -quite literally- spreading their wings."

The first owlet was born on April 4 and the second hatched just two days later. The babies will spend the next few months in their nest before learning to fly and hunt under the guidance of their mother. Come July or August, both owlets should be ready to leave the Wildflower Center as full-grown adults.

Each year since 2012, Athena has been coming back to the center to build her nest in a planter near the courtyard.

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She was first recorded laying eggs in 2015 and has continued to do so in the years since. This year, Athena was first spotted on March 1, when she laid her first egg. Just four days later, her second egg was recorded.

Great Horned Owls, sometimes called Hoot Owls or Winged Tigers, are relatively common throughout the United States, including in Texas. These creatures are the largest type of owl in the state and are known for their pointed ears and loud screeches.

Want to get a glimpse of Athena and her babies in real-time? Visit here to watch the livestream and keep up with updates.

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